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About Us

Hi, my name is MilliJean. I am 13 years old and home schooled. My mum has set up a task for me to start my own business as a home school project! My mum just told me to be courageous and follow my passion. Keeping horses safe on the roads, as bridle-paths become more and more difficult to access, was my first instinct because of my own personal struggles.

Please know that I have chosen a charity to donate  to; www.vetswithhorsepower.com is a charity that supports the cleft palate smile train, children's heart surgery (Tiny Tickers) and abused animals in third world countries for example Africa.  All 3 of these are close to my heart because I have a huge love for animals ans also I have had 3 cleft palate surgeries, and open heart surgery myself.   I know first hand the difficulties that these conditions bring to children's lives. Money from EVERY one of my sales goes directly to buy equipment or medicine so nothing is wasted in admin or wages as Vets With Horsepower only invest directly in supplies, materials and things like vehicles that will benefit the animals in need. 

Sadly some people have criticized my "L Plate" design, saying "if you were to wear one, you are not covered by insurance" or were admitting liability if there was an accident.  My mum and I spent the day researching this and found it to be untrue. We spoke with not only the DVLA, and the insurance company NFU mutual, and also an Equine lawyer called Professor Peachey from A G Fox Animal Law LLP, who state that there is absolutely no legal issue with these and they actually thought it was safe and responsible item to wear.  Thanks for reading and for your support to my project!


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